Ripped Denim

Ripped denim.

Lately – I’ve come across some content in the fashion world that claims to exclaim: ripped denim is on its way out!

Wait, whaaaa?


Listen – back in my Abercrombie and Fitch days… The news of such change was necessary… But now, in this life – and with my confidence in actually styling this type of look on the ups… I have to say. I’m super sad.

Now – I’m not sure if this “they’re on the outs” rumor is exactly true… I haven’t seen a whole lot of articles, but it is circling.

My thought? Wear what you want. But do it right. Don’t over do the ripped denim (ie: buy items of clothing that look like they went through a shredder and glitter shower), but do it anyway. Your style is yours, own it.

blouse / forever21

blazer / express

jeans / levis

shoes / j.crew

purse / guess

sunglasses / nasty gal (of which I actually sat on recently and broke)

photography: Sarah Duffy

xo, Duffy

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