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Sheer Blouses = Not Good in the Winter

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Haha – you’re like, “Um, YA, duh, Duffy – of course anything sheer living open and free in the arctic tundra that is Chicago – isn’t good during the winter.” Continue reading

70s Vibes

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I purchased myself the ever-trendy OTK boots at Aldo this season. Finding over the knee boots is quite a challenging venture. Continue reading

Silk Button Down

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Anytime you put a beanie on, you’re immediately a badass. Continue reading

Candy Buttons

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This turtle neck is awesome for one reason: there are candy buttons all over it! Only for looks though … Continue reading

This 70s Jumpsuit

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This is pretty epic, if I do so say myself. Have you ever seen such a piece? Well, if you lived through the 70s … sure. Continue reading

High Waisted Throwback

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I need to count the # of my crop tops. This photo shoot happened right as I started experimenting with them! Now, they’ve landed a recurring role. Continue reading