Why Foreo for your Skincare Routine?

Why Foreo for your Skincare Routine?

Ok! So! FOREO! FOREO! FOREO! And why it’s become an integral part of my skincare routine … We’ve all heard about vibrating skincare tools. There’s Clarisonic, I believe Olay has their own version, and *I know* Proactiv has one too (eye roll).

I’m speaking from personal experience – FOREO’s better. Here’s why: you don’t need to replace the brush head every 3 months, it’s so much easier to hold, AND the vibrations actually FEEL gentler on your skin.

We all know how hard it is to deal with trapped oil, dirt and make up while also trying to keep your skin looking and FEELING younger and brighter. But FOREO’s the trick!

I have FOREO’s Luna Mini 2 in fuchsia. The first time, I repeat: THE FIRST TIME I used Luna – my skin felt softer. It removed ALL the dead skin cells, and everything stuck deep inside my pores.

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The LUNA Mini 2

After you’re done getting your mind blown using Luna – don’t forget to moisturize!В Personally, I have sensitive skin, so I used the FOREO’s zone 1 intensity. (Which btw, how cool is that, there are LEVELS of intensity so if you are someone who has sensitive skin like me,В you can pick and choose how hard you wanna scrub!) I’m also a person who also NEEDS to put a lot of moisture back into my face after washing.В I usually layer an unscented oil (100% Jojoba or grape-seed) with a gentle moisturizer lotion and I seal her up with rose-water spray.


Now! Let’s get into the fact that FOREO also covers the realms of oral care. Have you metВ FOREO’s ISSA Sonic Electric Tooth Brush? It’s the complete oral care solution, By combining Sonic Pulse Technology with a revolutionary silicone design for a brushing experience unlike any other. I now have a whiter, brighter smile!

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xo, Duffy

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  1. Rachel Fliegelman says:

    Preach girl, preach!! And I’m sooooo annoyed that I can’t find my Foreo! (I think we may be twinsies!!) but ok you just convinced me I NEED to keep searching! 🙂 xxxxx