Thierry Roger Couturier

Thierry Roger Couturier

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One of Thierry’s exceptional fabrics. He said he’s had it for years, just hasn’t found the right piece to create with it yet.

Thierry Roger Couturier. Thierry Roger is a man I’ve been admiring from a digital far for over a year now. I’m not sure how I managed to find this talented man’s Instagram account, but I’m glad I did. Weekly, Thierry shares behind-the-scenes photographs of his detailed fashion work.

Roger moved to Chicago in 1990 and celebrated his 27th anniversary in Chicago this year. I caught up with Thierry on a beautiful July sunny-Saturday afternoon in his home and work-studio, northwest of the city …

After parking my car on the street, and completely mis-pronouncing Theirry’s name on Insta-stories (whoops!), I walking into his ornately decorated home. His dining room walls covered in a deep red/chocolate color with custom made golden-orange curtains hanging over the windows; letting the light in ever so slightly.

The best room, though, is just off the dining room area — Thierry’s client dressing room.

Theirry’s business is built on custom-made clothing. Custom from start to finish: measurements, fabric choice, style, detail … it’s all included. And this dressing room, is also apart of the experience.

Thierry Roger, Thierry Roger Couture, fashion, fashion designer, chicago

Thierry’s Client Dressing Room.

Okay, okay — I bet you’re like, “Alright Alex, GET to more about this room!”

The room. Thierry’s client dressing room!! There is a beautiful bed, with a tufted headboard, in the center — the bed is decorated with fabric swatches and sketch books. To the left of the bed is an bookshelf FULL of gorgeous, rich and luxurious fabrics from all around the globe. On this bookshelf, you’ll also find jewelry displayed … you know, in case you need to try on a pair of earrings while you’re sipping a glass of chardonnay, and having a custom fashion experience with Thierry …

A close up of Thierry’s luxe fabrics on shelves.

Opposite the bed you find a closet with Thierry Roger creations neatly in line. Blazer, dresses, cloaks and capes — all to drum up inspiration for whatever piece you’re dreaming Thierry can make up for you. OH and there are SHOES! SHOES in this closet, you guys! He has sample heels in case you need to see your new TR in some height.

Thierry Roger, Thierry Roger Couture, jewelry, earrings

Jewelry in case you need to picture how your custom-made Thierry Roger piece looks accessorized! My favorite part about the room.

The walls are decorated with photographs of Thierry’s work, accessories and his most select fabrics.

Thierry Roger, Thierry Roger Couture, fashion sketches, fashion designer, chicago

Thierry’s sketches … aren’t these gorgeous! I want to frame them and put them everywhere on my walls.

But! We all know the best part about these interviews is the actual interview. And I must admit, Thierry tells his story so well (and with a french accent I couldn’t dare come close to). So instead of trying to type out anymore “recap,” I’ll let you listen for yourself …

xo, Duffy

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