Psychic Dream Spray

Psychic Dream Spray

How to make “ Psychic Dream Spray.” That title caught your attention, huh? Ya, same, me too. Which is why I purchased the Psychic Dream Spray in the first place.

psychic dream spray, pillow spray, psychic spray, by alex duffy of duffy dossier

Psychic Dream Spray by Alex Duffy of Duffy Dossier

I’ve been into essential oils since we rung in the new year. 2017 called for quite the change — essential oil interest, kickboxing, blonde bobs .. you know, lots of shifts. Essential oils is what we’re talking about today though. You can craft a LOT of things from those small-bottled-bad-boys. Skincare, fragrance and “ Psychic Dream Spray .”

As long as you have a jug of distilled water, carrier oil (I prefer rosehip oil) and essential oil on hand … you can have yourself a little eBay store!

rose hip oil, skincare, moisturizer, serum, alex duffy of duffy dossier

Rose Hip Oil = Carrier Oil. Coconut & Jojoba Oil are also commonly used.

Reading. That’s another development on my horizon. Admittedly, the tube is where I’ve always had my head pointed towards. It all started with Fox Family on Saturday mornings as a kid, and the endless amounts of Friends (that’s a link to purchase the complete season, people!) reruns. But! Because I’d rather buy essential oils, I remembered as long as you have wifi, you don’t *need* cable. Hello only 20 TV channels and more books in bed! Enter The Complete Book of Essential Oils and Aromatherapy and my continued discovery of the benefits of essential oils …

The Complete Book of Essential Oils and Aromatherapy, duffy dossier, aromatherapy

The Complete Book of Essential Oils and Aromatherapy

My early-year curiosity of diffusing essential oils to keep myself healthy quickly turned into my obsession with the books about essential oils, which led me to my obsession with the psychic dream spray I speak of. 1) The spray does “work” and 2) You can make it yourself at home.

Psychic Dream Spray ” is simply made of distilled water, grain alcohol or witch hazel, cedarwood, lavender and mugwort essential oils.

Q I’m sure you’re wondering: The spray actually works, Duffy?

A for you: Um, ya. I’ve been spraying this baby on my pillow almost every night since I got her! I wouldn’t say the spray tells the future, per se … more like, it makes my dreams profoundly delicate and vivid.

I wake up and remember more details from my dreams, the memories of the my dreams have longevity too. It’s instead of the cloudy, trying-really-hard-to-remember-my-dream-before-it-flys-away-forever-and-I-have-to-go-to-work kind of “remember.” How you interpret what our dreams mean, for us here in the physical world, is how you’ll know if the spray is psychic or not. Here’s my version of the recipe:

Psychic Pillow Spray

2 oz distilled water
1 tsp witch hazel (or grain alcohol)
4 drops mugwort essential oil
2 drops lavender essential oil
2 drops cedarwood essential oil

Pour into 2oz shaded glass spray bottle, shake together gently and store in a cool place. (On your bedside table tray if you’re me.)

xo, Duffy

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