NOT That Kind of Shot

NOT that kind of shot.

You know when you know (because the lighting is right – the photographer was good – and your sunglasses are hiding the dark circles under your eyes) …you look GOOD.

Today is one of those days.

Also / side note, last night I posted this post and titled it “Money shot.” In my mind, that term doesn’t ALWAYS direct your thoughts to those suggestive films, however – after much debate (aka my Dad and my Moms boyfriend calling emergently) … I was schooled and learned that MOST of you automatically associate that phrase with those videos… hence the rename & repost. Whoops.

90s patterns all ALL OVER the place these days. And you know me, Miss 90s chick is on this like white on rice.

And this first picture below is the money shot. It’s what I’m really starting to try and achieve. Things are in the works, guys – and I have plans to streamline my content and get myself to that next level 😉 Stay. Tuned.

skirt / forever21

sheer crop / h&m

shoes / Jessica Simpson

clutch / vintage

Photographer: Katherine Quigg of @engineeringinstyle.

xo, Duffy

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