Chicago Eats — ChiChopShop

Chicago Eats — ChiChopShop

Chicago Eats — ChiChopShop. I think I just realized why all we fashion people wear sunglasses, no matter if its sunny or not. Sometimes, in the morning – all I have time for is some base concealer and Rutz Skincare’s #EyeConquered uplifting eye cream (that was a total #shameless plug, by the way 😉 )… no but I really do, do that. I actually do use Rutz everyday. I’ve learned my eyes need that extra something, something in the mornings. I literally looked in the mirror today, and thought to myself ‘wow, you’re getting old.’

Alex Duffy of Duffy Dossier — Chicago Eats — ChiChopShop, martini, chichopshop, chicago foodie, chicago eats, chicago blogger, microblogger

Alex Duffy of Duffy Dossier — Chicago Eats — ChiChopShop

So, walking to my office this morning, brisk cold running up against my face (it’s officially Winter in Chicago*) – I wore my sunglasses. We wear sunglasses because of our E Y E S, it’s like they tell a story of the night before or something…

Which! I had an awesome evening last night, thank you for asking. I spent time with @BoldFaceChicago at one of their recommended spots: The Chop Shop. I had a pumpkin martini, yes – that’s right it was pumpkin. And it was real. I’m holding onto the ‘crisp fall days’ for as long as I can (I hate these fall into winter days where it’s not really fall anymore, just like coldness waiting for Jack Frost’s doom). And this martini was epic, it came with a toasted marshmallow on top! Like, actually… toasted, over a fire (probably a culinary blow-torch, but same thing!).


Alex Duffy of Duffy Dossier — Chicago Eats — ChiChopShop, chicago eats, chicago blogger, chicago foodie, bucktown

Alex Duffy of Duffy Dossier — Chicago Eats — ChiChopShop

Bucktown (although, I’ve also heard that some people think of Chop Shop’s location as ‘Wicker Park’, too) is lucky enough to host the restaurant and Butcher Shop #ChopShop has. I have to admit, I thought I walked into the wrong location at first, but keep going… walk further inside, you’ll be glad you did.


You enter to see a top-of-the-line Butchery, and then – only after you pass the hostess and those cold glass cases – do you realize, you’ve entered into bar-ed bliss. You can order lunch, dinner and cocktails back there! It’s worth the trip up the Blue Line… don’t forget the Damen stop is closed… get off at Western and walk the few blocks back.

Last Night’s Menu:

Pumpkin Head Cocktails
Apple Cocktail (with a way cooler name than I remember*)
Sausage & Peppers

xo, AD

The Chop Shop’s Menu, here.

For details on #whatiwore this evening, click here.

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