What I Wore to Pittsburgh’s Lunar Gala

What a ‘Word of the Day’ this post is! Pittsburgh isn’t quite known as the Fashion Capitol of the World or anything. But, if me and my faux magic wand had anything to do with it, that all would change. New York City is much more that kind of Capitol, at least here in the States. Across that pond, the fashion game all changes.

But! Pittsburgh is making STRIDES in the Fashion Department. Recently, thanks to the Founder of Pittsburgh Fashion Week, we’ve just been approved to haveВ FGI Fashion Group Int’l preliminary Chapter. How cool are we? I’m so proud of our Steel City =)

Anyways! Let’s get back to the reason I’m making this post – The Lunar Gala, ladies and gentleman! This Gala is…

Lunar Gala is a student-run organization at Carnegie Mellon University devoted to promoting fashion talent and innovation throughout the campus community. Each February Lunar Gala produces a fashion show that showcases students’ work in fashion, dance, and modeling. In addition, the show brings together the incredible talent of Carnegie Mellon designers, programmers, artists, and technicians to create what is truly the year’s most exciting campus event. Credit, www.cmulunargala.com.

While the Lunar Gala happened two weeks ago and I’m just writing about it now, I’ll never know …how about we just with it…? 😉

It was an amazing evening filled with amazing and talented Student Designers. I had just traveled back to Pittsburgh from attending the New York Fashion Shows, I was coming in ‘hot’ (on fashion) as they say. And my comparison of the Lunar Gala verses New York Fashion Week has a lot of similarities. Carnegie Mellon University has a slue of creative students in those, that-there school halls.

Errorz, Capsaicin, Heteroptera, UV, Biome, Dilate, Cocoon, St. Knox, Senhua, Mureaux, Fjortis, Spectal Discord, Avalokita, VAGOBA, LUMI & YOUTH were among the Student В DesignersВ who graced the epic runway with their Fashion Designs. {By clicking the ‘Designers’ link, you will be lead to a page that gives you full Bios, via www.cmulunargala.com}

What were the #LunarGala’s most frequent trends of the night? Much like those of NYC Fashion Week, lots of structure – many of the designers took risks – crafting head pieces and adding lights (that actually lit up!) to some ensembles. While we didn’t see any lights or over the top headpieces at #NYFW – we did see oranges and pinks, greys and blacks – as we saw them on Lunar Gala’s runway this February 2014. Here are some shots of my favorite looks of the evening…

alex duffy, duffy dossier Lunar Gala В Biome (above)

В alex duffy, duffy dossier Lunar Gala В Designer Unknown, (above)

alex duffy, duffy dossier Lunar Gala В Heteroptrea (above)

alex duffy, duffy dossier Lunar Gala В Designer Unknown (above)

Did I mention that this Fashion Show is student-run and student-produced? From securing the audio and lighting, to organizing the student models and making sure press is placed – the Lunar Gala covers it all. And I must admit, it was one of the best events I’ve attended in this city to date В …and it’s even better that such an exceptional event is Fashion driven. The Lunar Gala is a yearly event, held each February on CMU’s campus and is more than just a fashion show, it’s a fantastic production and engineered with innovation far beyond these Three Rivers.

Visit, www.cmulunargala.com for more information and links to view the entire show!

Ever so stylishly yours,


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