Missin’ You Like Candy

Missin’ You Like Candy

Missin’ You Like Candy. The days go quick but the weeks feel long. Before you know it we’ll be singing Christmas Carols and wishing for a White Christmas. Wow, by then Ev will be 2 years old and I’ll be well into my 27th year.

At the beginning of this week I realized how much deeper I’m getting into my personal and (quite) particular preferences. Of course, a lot goes into that. HA! But my favorite part is that my style evolves right along with it. It’s getting to the point in my wardrobe where I can wear and pair anything at any given time. No longer am I holding onto those sweaters I bought that one time in a rush, that really aren’t my aesthetic, and kinda itch.

It’s freeing. The farther I go, the easier it is to see her in all her 90s-inspired glory. Thus provoking the saving of these songs to my Spotify Library:

These songs remind me — I need more chokers from All Choked Up. Ugh these chokers are sooooooo perfect it makes me want to dive into a pool of them and throw them up the air like rappers do with money. I only have The Karlie in Merlot and *need* more.

Here are some more chokers that I love: The Cougar, The Thick Metal Chain and The Wrap.

Today is the last day in April. Last week at this time I was looking ahead into my upcoming week’s work travel and the prep. On Monday eve there was a kickboxing class and Tuesday, well, on Tuesday I should have gone to a yoga class (that’s a link to the mat I use) … Instead I walked to Crisp — got myself the best Korean chicken wings I’ve ever tasted and walked to my friend Becky’s to watch CNN. Oh, and Jackass — we ALSO watched Jackass 2. Which I’ve never seen, nor will I ever see again.

I was cognizant of my breathing this week. When I travel, my body gets wonky and it’s hard to stick to my routine. And I imagine, those issues don’t just plague me, we’re all affected the days leading up, during and days afterwards. Traveling also gets me mentally, physically and emotionally exhausted. Every morning when I woke up this week there was at least two minutes of meditation. (I try for five minutes. But my brain legitimately does not sit still.)

When I travel, to keep myself level and calm, I pack the things from home that I consider special treats. Last week it was my pillow spray, Aveda’s Stress Fix™ Lavender Body Creme and the new meditation book I picked up.

I listen to the same songs over and over, too. I think it keeps me grounded? The Cure was it on the plane ride there and back:


I’ve been frequenting Inkling lately — it’s a little card and spiritual shop about a mile south of Wrigley Field on Broadway. The card selection is unique, thoughtful and beautiful. My Mom LOVES cards. “Girls (talking to me and my sister) you should send a card for that! People appreciate cards, it’s thoughtful!”

I always tell Shells that me and Sarah remembering to send a text for a celebratory occasion is quite the feat in itself.

It’s Shelley Duffy’s Birthday this week. Her Birthday card from my new favorite shop is BOMB and on it’s way (and will be slightly late) to Lebo. It’s also Mother’s Day on the 14th (this year, I have three Mothers in my life) AND it’s my Dad’s Birthday in a few weeks. May’s one of those months — I buy a lot of cards.

FYI this song is on repeat rn:

… Because I binged watched This Is Us. Ugly cried + also found this gem:

Tomorrow = first day of May. We’re already five months in.



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