Before the F Word

Before the F Word.

Before the F Word. It’s that time of year, heavy – heavy sigh, Fall is coming. And truly, that’s my least favorite F word! Not because I don’t LOVE the fall season … to be real with you kids, I much prefer dressing myself for chilly-ier and, dare I say it, colder weather, but I HATE the winter! >> Literally, worst catch 22 of MY LIFE right there.

alex duffy - chicago fashion blogger

I wish I could say the location of this shoot was my idea … credit to my amazing photographer @heronbank (on Instagram!)

After The Holidays, winter is yucky and grey and makes me depressed and stuff …

And if you live in Chicago, you know SummerTimeChi is like no other. It’s times like these I ponder the choice to move to a colder and WINDIER city. I digress. And in digressing, this brings me to my last and final LBD for the summer. This gem from none other than Forever21. It was 12 bucks and fits my like a glove. It’s also super comfy material – knit.

duffy dossier - chicago fashion blogger

You know, walking sideways on top of a parking garage with a cool city-view is ALWAYS chic.

My last and final LBD for the summer.

I paired the dress with snakeskin gladiator shoes from Schutz. Ugh, love me some Schutz Shoes! And these lace-ups, I feel shameful, you guys – literally didn’t wear them AT ALL this summer. Those are some stunna-shoes I am missing myself out on …

dress / forver21

sunglasses / rayban

shoes / schutz shoes

watch / Michael Kors

alex duffy - chicago fashion blogger

Best vogue look I’ve ever given a camera …

photographer / @heronbank

xo, Duffy

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