Bridesmaids in BHLDN

Bridesmaids in BHLDN.

Bridesmaids in BHLDN. This summer I was invited to be apart of two weddings. Miss Ashely, one of my best friends from college, was on July 2nd. She and I were next door neighbors freshman year of college. I remember getting ready to go out the first night in the UD Ghetto (or “student neighborhood” if you ask Dayton administration) and walking next door to find Ashley, with her two roommates: Jill and Bri also getting ready. None of us had any idea what we were doing, none of us knew anyone with a house in the Ghetto, but got ourselves ready anyway. Ashley and I went on to live together sophomore year in student housing, then shared a house with 3 other gals junior and senior year … 304 <3. The rest, is history!

Ashley married Steve in a beautiful wedding in Medina, OH over July 4th weekend.

Ashley married Steve in a beautiful wedding in Medina, OH over July 4th weekend. Medina is where she and Steve grew up. They’ve known each other since they were 2! How adorable.

There were 5 of us that walked down the aisle with Ashley. Carly, me and Ashley’s roommate junior/senior year … plus some new chicks I just can’t get enough of: Ellyn, Anne, and Ashlei F.

This was my first wedding as a bridesmaid!

This was my first wedding as a bridesmaid! I’ve only been the flower girl before, so, this was quite the experience. The bridesmaids dresses were very wearable again. And yes, every Bride says that, but Ashley actually delivered. The dresses were from Ann Taylor! This dress had a hemline that hit me right above the knee, with an empire waist and halter-esque neckline.

We all ordered the dresses back in 2015 (under $100, too!), and there were MULTIPLE times I went to go pick it out of my closet to wear IRL and couldn’t because I had to wait for the wedding.

We also got these robes as bridesmaid gifts! Check out us in our BHLDN floral print robes:

Bridesmaids in BHLDN.

(L-R) Ellyn, Me, Carly is the tall one in the back, Ashlei, Anne

These were from Anthropologie’s bridal section: BHLDN. Which, I didn’t even know BHLDN existed until this life event – guess that’s what happens when you’re a wedding newb, haha. I would say you could rock this robe outside of bridal, too … cause I literally haven’t taken it off since I’ve been back home!

Ashley also gifted us Kate Spade ruby stud earrings. If you know me, you know my birthday is in July, so these Rubies were a perfect addition to wedding look and also my closet. It was cute too, because Ashley’s wedding was during July 4th weekend, so the red with the navy … Red, White and Blue! Cute, right?!

With the dress, us gals were free to pick out our own style of shoe. The only condition was that they had to be cognac. Cognac is like a deeper brown than nude, but not chocolate. It’s literally the color of Brandy – the adult beverage. For the longest time, I was like WTF where am I gonna find a sandal in that color …

But, alas! But my crazy shoe-obsession came in handy, I already had the perfect cognac shoes in my closet. Jessica Simpson made these gladiator babes YEARS ago. I think I’ve had them for at least 6 years, if not more. Great condition, cause I’m a crazy shoe lady – duh.

Bridesmaids in BHLDN.

(L-R) Me, Anne, Ashlei, Ellyn and Carly

Hotties right there. Love you ladies … this was such a great experience! And of course, congrats to the happy couple: Steve and Ashley!!

xo, Duffy

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