CrossTown. Crosskick(my ass)

CrossTown. Crosskick(my ass).

Okay, so recently I’ve implemented a new ‘Content Stream’ to my life as a blogger. What is a Content Stream? Basically, a themed Social-campaign (ongoing or temporary) within a brand… aka my Brand aka, ME/my actual life. And this Content Stream, I’ve just added into my actual life… is ongoing x WORKING OUT. Because well, I don’t do it – ever.

And in this case, as a blogger, people ask me to go to events/experience things (like working out) all the time. And in no way can I justify passing up on a complimentary ass-kicking… because, from what I’ve heard, working out is good for you?

Insert CrossTown High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)… and their newly implemented Tabata training style. What is Tabata training? …this involves pushing yourself as hard as possible for 20 seconds, followed by 10 seconds of rest, and THEN… repeating it 7 times over, for a total for 4 minutes.

Two weeks ago CrossTown Fitness in the West Loop invited me in for a HIIT Tabata-try.

First of all, have you ever seen a CrossTown HIIT gym? Super cool… lots of heavy machinery but this one in particular, had chandeliers that were pretty and the only thing I focused on while trying to get through the most challenging (albeit, GREAT) hour of my life.

Second of all, they have an after work-out smoothie bar… for those of us to enjoy once we’ve put our time in! Cool? Duh.

Anyways… back to my experience, I did a whole bunch of awesome CrossTown HIIT things. Star jumping jacks was one round, throwing heavy balls at a wall was another, running on a treadmill, lifting weights, the list goes on…

…and so did my body, in terms of being sore, for like a week. But, again, I’m told that sort of thing is actually good and means you’re doing healthy for yourself 😉

SO happy I tried it out and I’ll definitely be back to kick myself in the bum, here soon.

Thanks for the invite CrossTown (in the West Loop), it truly was a pleasure.

xo, Duffy

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