The Everygirl x Interior Define

The Everygirl x Interior Define

The Everygirl x Interior Define. Chicago-livin’ for three weeks and I can’t even begin to tell you how cool this event scene is! Back in September, when I was visiting the city and was here for some business prep… I came across Bold Face Chicago, they collaborate with awesome, up and coming brands. And thanks to my girl, Ashley – I was invited to last night’s The Every Girl & Interior Define Event; Oct. 29th, 2014.

Cocktails were provided by Femme du Coupe – complete with floral accents instead of umbrellas, love it. Atmosphere provided by Interior Define, “Built on a foundation of authentic relationships, nothing stands between our maker’s craftsmanship and the affordability we can uniquely pass along to you.” (source: And, chic online resource, The Everygirl – provided their tastes and thoughts for design to create two amazing #IDxtheeverygirl custom couches.

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Alex Duffy of Duffy Dossier — The Everygirl x Interior Define


Sitting oh-so-comfortably with Alaina on the newly fashioned Rose Couch; she, her neon pink pumps, bubbly personality and I got to talking…

Q: How did you come to collaborate with Interior Define?
A: Well, we received an email from their PR people one day. We checked them out on the internet and everything, then – Danielle (Alaina’s Business Partner & Co-Founder of The Everygirl) and I asked if we could design furniture with them… and they said Yes! The two of us [Alaina & Danielle] had always wanted to design furniture, but we needed to work with someone who had the had the furniture-part, figured out.

The cool thing about Interior Define? Alaina told me that their prices all include the shipping. So, when you walk into I.D.’s showroom, and are looking for furniture to keep stationary in your living room – the price points you see, are everything.

It’s not like there’s a secret $400 dollars extra when you go to check out.

Alaina was giggling as she explained to me that some of the decorative pieces around the couches the two of them designed with I.D. were actually from their own apartment! 3 of the framed photos on the brick wall behind couch #1, a white pom-pom blanket and some throw pillows =) The two Everygirls made this event feel like you were invited right into their home. That’s the kind of realness I’m talking about!

Thanks for the invite! I had a fabulous time.

xo, Duffy

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