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Free People, DuffyDossier Pittsburgh Fashion It’s getting to be quite exciting over here at DuffyDossier.com. Not only are we rocking and rolling with those dealers of #vintage; we’re expanding our horizons into the clothing that falls nicely… next to the style. While I love me everything vintage, I do tend to dabble with some clothes that are crafted here in today’s world – that look and feel vintage. And my goodness, Free People snuggled its way in.

Last Friday, I had the pleasure of attending Free People’s Ross Park #MediaPreview. This marks the opening of their 93rd retail store! I stopped by an hour before the new shoppe’s official Grand Opening to take a first-hand look at their new digs. Not only was the store adorable throughout its decor categories, the pieces they have are amazing, too!

Free People, DuffyDossier Pittsburgh Fashion

I saw a pair of high-waisted shorts that looked so 70s-chic I couldn’t stand it! Why do I like this brand so much? …and how does it fit into my #vintage style? Free People’s lines remind me of the 70s, the fringe – the crochet pieces, the relaxed vibe all their ensembles give off. Rompers with back-laced detail, and bandeaus that fit just-right underneath. Hats and belts that scream ‘Coachella-chic’ and lingerie I’d be comfortable walking down the street in (if only those laws about indecent exposure didn’t exist!).

Did you all know? Free People was established in the lovely state of PA (my home-state!). Now apart of the Urban Outfitters Brand, Free People choose to establish their second location here in Pittsburgh because we have ‘such a creative and entrepreneurial spirit’ says Beth Wehagen, Free People’s Director of Retail. Their first location resides in Bakery Square.

Free People Ross Park will carry a wide array of ‘summer must-haves’, and ‘easy soft color palette’ and personalized shopping experiences. SOLD.

Free People, DuffyDossier Pittsburgh Fashion

…and my #ootd for the day included this #FreePeople Clip

perton Fedora and scarf!

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