Daily Archives: April 9, 2014

What I Wore to Pittsburgh’s Vintage Mixer

Okay, okay – so I cheated – it’s actually TWO words of the day: vintage & mixer, but they’re both so important I can’t not include them!

Pgh Vintage Mixer, Duffy Dossier

The Pittsburgh Vintage Mixer, I think this event may have been made for me… actually no wait – I don’t think, I know. Oh my goodness, I literally don’t think I can contain my excitement! Me and my good pals over at RadioChumps.com are joining in on all the fun, as well as Miss Elisabeta from Elisabeta Photography. So watch out for some snazzy, professional photos afterwards.

The Pittsburgh Vintage Mixer is this Saturday, April 12th from 10am – 3pm hosted at The Heinz History Center. So, basically, it’s a BIG room, with more vintage furniture, trinkets and wardrobe than anyone can imagine! My wallet probably won’t enjoy my participation in the event, but that’s her problem…

Pgh Vintage Mixer, Duffy Dossier


Thanks for PGH Vintage Mixer, online for this teaser shot above of vintage glory!

See you all on Saturday!

\\ xx, Alex